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Neuropsychiatrist & Medical Psychotherapist, Queen Square LONDON

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Model Driven Development (MDD) in future-proofing Healthcare IT Solutions?

Big organisations in information driven industries are gradually moving away from creating software data tools themselves. The task of creating software is getting outsourced to anyone with an interest in it by using an approach referred to as Model Driven Development (MDD). Considered a fanciful idea just a few years ago, MDD has moved from […]

How healthcare industry is uniquely placed to gain from Big Data revolution

Medical information doubles almost every few years and the rate of production of new medical information is accelerating. Advances in medical knowledge often make established treatment models obsolete. In a typical year, frontline clinical staff would have 22000 new peer-reviewed articles, 30 new drugs and 6000 new combinations of drug compatibilities to consider in addition […]

Evolving Dynamics of Information Flow Between Clinicians and Patients

One of the core drivers in healthcare industry is the information about health and disease. Clinicians are performing the task of eliciting information about illness from the patients, filtering out the noise from signals and producing actionable information, which leads to interventions. They are also burdened with the task of storing (documenting) and disseminating this […]

The Problem of Disconnected Data in Healthcare

Healthcare data is mainly collected and stored in the following three separate data pools: Clinical data Financial data Research data Because the responsibility for collecting, storing and utilising this data rests with different individuals or institutions (clinical – hospitals, clinics; financial – managers, governments; research – universities, pharmaceutical companies), they remain largely isolated from each […]

Why healthcare sector is struggling with its digital reincarnation?

In the future, when we would look back at this time, healthcare informatics would be seen as the biggest healthcare revolution of our generation. Inside the wider field of healthcare informatics, mental health is arguably one of the most information rich fields. Most mental health problems are chronic in nature, necessitating several encounters between the […]

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